So you had a bad day?

Following an exercise/healthy eating programme isn’t easy. There’s no short cuts, no magic pills or workouts that get you to your goal faster. Its all about working out, eating healthy and consistency. Sometimes you might miss a workout or eat or drink something you shouldn’t, dont wory. As the graphic says…

… don’t let one bad decision send you spiralling out of control.

First outside run for two months

RouteYesterday I did my first outside run for two months.

I’ve been regularly running at the gym on a treadmill and things seem to be going ok. We’ve had some nice weather here for a couple of days so I thought it would be a good idea and run outside for a change, something I’ve not done since January. After putting on my sensible head, I decided not to run the same amount time I had been used to on the treadmill. A wise decision I think.

I grabbed my Gymboss and altered the timings. I’m still working through the Couch-to-5k programme, so decided on 3 minutes of running with 1.5 minute breaks, repeated 5 times. I had a rough idea which route to take so headed out of the house and started my walking warm-up.

The first 3 minute run was hard, so I decided to slow down (I was probably running at the same speed I do on the gym treadmill). The second set of running was easier as got in to a rhythm and got used to running on a different surfaces. After about 2km I was on a trail through some woods. The sun was shining, the running was easier and I was actually enjoying the run. Before I knew it, my Gymboss was telling me I was on my last 1.5 minute walk, but I didn’t want to stop. So what to do?

After a quick stretch, I restarted the whole programme again taking the long route back home. It felt really good, no pains just a gentle run/walk home. I mapped the route on MapMyRUN (picture above),  which came to 6.86 km or 4.26 miles. I was quite pleased with that since I was only out of the house about an hour.

So was it a good idea? The answer is yes, it was much more fun. I will be out again on Thursday.