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I started writing this post on Friday, it was full of woe as I had a fairly crappy run on Tuesday. I won’t go in to all the detail, but a few of my friends on gave me some good advice, see below.

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I ditched all the moaning after Sunday’s long run.

I followed up Tuesday’s run with a much better, shorter run, so I was a lot happier. Fast forward to Sunday and we had some really nice weather here, no rain for a change and even some sunshine and blue skies!  So I decided to go for a long run again, I’d normally do my long runs on a Monday morning, but a new short-term job has made me change my schedule.

I was feeling good as I set off for the run, it was a new route so plenty of new things to see on the way. The bees nest on the side of a fence was a surprise! I had visions of being chased by a swarm of angry bees, that didn’t happen thankfully. I reached my half way point ahead of time so I turned around and took my energy gel at around seven miles.

For the last four miles I tried something new to occupy my mind as I ran. There are overhanging trees for most route, so I’d focus on a particular leaf or branch until I reached it. I’d then pick another one out in the distance and run to it. It worked for me and also made sure I kept my head up while I ran. I reached home after 11.09 miles in 2:02, I was really happy with that, definitely fun in the sun!

And did I mention its only two weeks until my first half marathon?

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  1. A couple of thoughts for you to ponder John that may help you gain a different perspective.

    1. You never learn anything from a great run.
    2. Great runs are the product of lessons learned from those runs that are less than optimal.

    If you ran every training run perfect and according to plan, I would accuse you of “sandbagging” or underperforming. The learning process starts with failure or performing at some unsatisfactory level. The objective then is to identify the cause of the shortcoming and correct the next time out. That’s how you grow and get better.

    With that in mind, embrace every great run as a lesson properly learned, but learn to appreciate each not-so-good or bad run as an opportunity to grow and improve upon what you already know!

  2. The crappy runs help you to see how you feel when things don’t work out. There are so many factors that go into a run that sometimes if you can screen some of the more obvious ones (sleep, nutrition, injury) before going out, you can have a better feel for what kind of run you will have.
    Not to worry about bumps along the way. You will do great in your half marathon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, fellow runner! Sometimes on crappy long runs (and I’ve had my share!) I think “just five more minutes”. It helps :)

  4. Those bad runs are all part of the master plan. They make the next great run even better. It’s also a good reminder that every run is different, and that despite your best preparation and training, things can still go wrong. It gives us a chance to remember not to be too hard on ourselves, and to accept that everything changes. (I’m sounding quite philosophical this morning, aren’t I?)

    You’re going to do so great in your first half!!!

  5. I think you *have* to have a bad run not long before your first half. At least, I did. And I was full of doubt and general crumminess until a friend kicked my butt and got me into a positive headspace. I find that if I focus on the negative, it becomes a self fulfilling thing, so I choose to focus on the positive (and sometimes it’s a real struggle! LOL)

    I’m excited for you for your first race. It’ll be an amazing experience!

  6. I’ve read about other people saying they count lamp posts, or pick our street signs up ahead to provide motivation. Trees seem like a great alternative. Will have to give it a try. Sometimes when all I can focus on is how badly I want to stop and take a walk break, having a distraction like counting trees seems like a nice distraction. Anything that helps make a not so great run into one that is bearable is good thing.

  7. Excellent advice from your Daily Mile peeps. I have to agree that they can’t all be good runs. You gotta focus on the positive, and then move on to the next run.

    Sounds like you are going to be in fine form for the big first half! Good luck!*

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