One thought on “How much does obesity cost employers

  1. Interesting graphic, and obesity without a doubt is at epic proportions. I get a little nervous though the way some of these recommendations especially about the work place where a person is least likely to have any say or control over what time they get breaks, what food is available, and if they can “go for a brisk walk or do something active every few hours.” Employers are paying $73.1 billion more each year due to obesity? If that is unacceptable to them then maybe they should focus on ways to make some of these recommendations a reality for their workforce. If they had happier, healthier and possibly more productive employees because they invested $50 billion in healthy food options and health related incentives, they’d save $23 billion and come out looking like heroes. Unfortunately, the cynical approach usually wins over and they’d rather pay the $73 billion and then use that as a political wedge issue to fight against additional or different wages/benefits, claiming “we are already paying out $73 billion in health care costs, etc.”
    Rant almost over….one last thing…STOP recommending people to eat whole grains. Is it really that hard? Starvation food that is calorie dense yet provides a fraction of the nutritional content at best of fruits and vegetables should never be recommended. Celiac disease, leaky gut, diverticulitis, inflammation, allergies……I need to go run now! ;-)

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