24 thoughts on “Top 10 exercise myths

  1. Disagree with five and to a certain degree six.
    Five. Whey protein is probably the most researched supplements and is good post workout and has high absorption. A meal with protein and carbs should be consumed within an hour of exercise.
    Six. There is a Reasonable amount of research that protocols like Poloquin Biosignature can help spot reduce fat.

  2. Love it! I used to slightly believe in some of these and I have a friend who continues to believe she can spot reduce and wants to bring me down with her. I’m still a bit confused on the protein shake myth. Do you know if that also includes when you use them as a meal replacement shake with fruits?

  3. These are great! I know when I was training for my first 1/2 I ate like a machine! While in my head I realized I couldn’t out run the burgers and fries part of me still justify it because I had never ran that far before. OF COURSE it was burning loads of calories! Haha… good thing I have since learned!

  4. Good myth busting post!

    On #4, the way I read it was that walking before breakfast after the body has metabolized all night long, and walking at a low intensity such that you can hold a normal conversation throughout the walk, burns more fat for your time. That’s a lot more specific.

  5. This just makes me not want to believe in anything. I think it is just best to keep consistent and chose eating heathy and exercising and a lifestyle choice and not a “program.” Thanks for posting.

  6. If cardio is not an only way to lose weight, what another form of exercise should I do to lose several of stones?

    It is great and surprised to see some of them are myths!


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