Chocolate Diet Fact and Fiction

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The post you’ve all been waiting for!

I found a useful article on  how chocolate can be incorporated in to your diet, even if you are trying to lose weight.

The merits of using chocolate milk as a recovery aid are discussed and a link to 8 ways to control your cravings. As with everything, you can have your chocolate (in moderation) and eat it!

The Bottom Line

By no means is chocolate the key to a healthy sports diet, nor is eating lots of dark chocolate preferable to snacking on apples and bananas. We all need to eat chocolate in moderation so it does not crowd-out other nutrient dense foods.

But chocolate can be balanced into an overall wholesome sports diet and add pleasure to the day—even if you are dieting to lose weight. For chocolate lovers, deprivation of chocolate may create more problems than it solves.

Read the full article here, Chocolate Diet Fact and Fiction.

So you had a bad day?

Following an exercise/healthy eating programme isn’t easy. There’s no short cuts, no magic pills or workouts that get you to your goal faster. Its all about working out, eating healthy and consistency. Sometimes you might miss a workout or eat or drink something you shouldn’t, dont wory. As the graphic says…

… don’t let one bad decision send you spiralling out of control.

Fifth week in and week #2 at the gym

So here we are at the beginning of February. So far, five weeks of eating healthier and exercising more. Two weeks of gym training completed and another fifty to go. Early days I know, but its a start. All part of my plan to get fit this year.

As part of my healthier eating, I’ve actively reduced the amount of processed food I eat, tried to cook more, eat more fruit & vegetables and make more healthier choices, not easy though! I have succeeded in drinking more water, which is a bonus.

My exercise program is going slightly better. Since January I have worked out at least three times a week. This has been a combination of running, kettlebells and gym workouts. I’m also making slow but steady progress on the Couch to 5k (C25K) programme. I see all of this training in the long term, so I don’t get too upset if I have a bad day/week.

I’ve also managed to post something every day, many of the posts have been Infographics, but I guess they all count.

On a final note, I’ve been really pleased at the number of “Likes” and positive comments the posts have received.

Healthy Apps


I thought I would give you a rest from the infographics and tell you about a couple of free apps I’ve been using on the iPhone.  The first is Munch 5-A-Day – Learn to eat better! By MeYou Health. Its a simple app, you decide on the number of fruit and vegetables portions you wish to eat every day, the number is then displayed as badge in the app. Every time you have a piece of fruit or vegetable, update the app and the badge shows the number of remaining pieces of fruit or vegetable you need to eat that day. Simple!

Water Your Body Lite
Water Your Body Lite

The other app is Water Your Body Lite By FoWare. This handy app lets you know how many glasses of water you should be drinking a day, based on your weight. Like Munch 5-A-Day this number is displayed as a badge. Whenever you drink a glass of water, you simply tap the “table” to add it. The table is a visual representation of all the glasses of water you have drunk. You can specify the type of container, from small and medium size glasses to bottled water and sports bottles. You can set the amount each of these holds in Millimeters or OZs. A graph keeps track of it all.

Give them a try!