Making time to exercise

For me, running is hard. Not the actual process of running itself, I mean everything around it. What I find hard is:

  • Making time for my runs each week.
  • Warming-up properly when all I want to do is start running.
  • Remembering to keep my Garmin charged.
  • Recording my runs (I know its just a case of syncing my watch, but still!)
  • Cooling down properly when all I want to do is walk home and drink some water.
  • Making time for stretching.
  • Trying to do all of the above after work.
  • Coming to terms with being injured.

I’m struggling at the moment trying to get back in the habit of running regularly. I realised the other day that I’m slipping into the habit of not doing any exercise at all. So I need to start making running a habit again, they say it takes 21 days to make a new habit… so tomorrow is day 1/21 of my (new) running habit. I’m going to run a couple of miles and I’m not bothered about my pace, I just need start.

What would be on your list? Or is running/exercise a well established habit for you?